Meet the Choir

Woman of the Week – Kristin Harris – October 29 2017

Kristin Harris

Nominated by Hannah Price:

“Kristin has so many responsibilities in the Ladies of Lee and is somehow able to manage them with so much grace and a smile on her face!  From handling purchases, to washing cups, to auditions, to interacting with the audience members at the info table.  She is truly a wonder woman!”


What does the Ladies of Lee mean to you?

“Ladies of Lee is where I found my family and community at Lee.  They are the most affirming, supporting, inspiring, uplifting, hard working, loving and caring, Godly women I’ve ever known.  I am so thankful that I am able to sing alongside these amazing ladies and that everything we do is for the glory of God!  To be a part of Ladies of Lee is by far the biggest blessing and I could not be more thankful for the opportunity.”


What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to learn since coming to Lee?

“Since coming to Lee, I’ve learned so many things about myself.  The way I handle situations, react to things, and what my strengths/weaknesses are.  Through all of this I’ve learned that I won’t always reach the level of perfection I’ve set for myself and that the plans I have made may not always be what God has planned and that is perfectly okay!  Anything God has for us will always be greater and no matter how many times we fall short, he shows us grace and mercy each and every day.”


What stood out to you the most about the Ladies of Lee before you auditioned?

“After hearing how highly people spoke of the community and sisterhood of the choir, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  In high school I was in an all women’s choir, but I didn’t get the same community that I’ve experienced while being in Ladies.”


What is your favorite time of the year and why?

“CHRISTMAS.  I love the cold weather, music, decorations, and how the season makes everyone just a bit nicer.  Everyone seems to have more joy during the Christmas season.  I love giving, so I feel like it also gives me a reason to be able to do that even more!  And of course, the reason behind Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Savior!”


Congrats on being our Woman of the Week, Kristin!  We love you!




Woman of the Week – Emmy Henderson – October 22 2017

Emmy Henderson

Nominated by Allison Bernhard:

“Emmy loves the Ladies of Lee so evidently, and the joy of the Lord radiates on her face constantly.  She always shows others that they are significant.”


What does the Ladies of Lee mean to you?

“It means many things, but two things come to mind immediately.  First, it’s an outlet for artistic expression.  I believe that making good music is a really important and powerful force in our world.  It’s really hard to find a high quality performance group that is full of talent and full of Jesus.  It makes our message and mission that much more powerful.  Secondly, it’s community.  It’s a family and I’m so blessed to be apart!  I love being a Lady of Lee.”


What has been your favorite part about Ladies so far?

“Oh gosh.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone and watching them grow.  It’s so fun to see people transform through their college journey, especially with LOL.  I have benefited greatly from some awesome mentors and friends myself and I love seeing other people come to some of the same realizations.  It’s so beautiful.”


Since you love photography, what are your favorite kinds of pictures to take?

“I love doing senior photo shoots.  They are definitely my favorites!  Getting to work with different personalities is so fun.  It’s like each person is a different kind of puzzle you get to figure out and learn what it is that they love and what makes them happy.  I also love taking pictures of my pets and places I have been.”


What’s your favorite kind of cat and why?

“Oh wow.  I do not discriminate honestly, but I have always dreamed of having a brown Persian cat named Scooby or a black cat named Magic.”


Congrats on being our Woman of the Week, Emmy!  We love you!




Woman of the Week – Allison Bernhard – October 15 2017


Nominated by Carley Fuson:

“She is the sweetest person and absolutely hilarious.  That makes her so fun to be around.  She comes up to me and asks how I’m doing because she cares.  She is just awesome!”


What does being in the Ladies of Lee mean to you?

“Being in the Ladies of Lee has been one of the greatest joys in my life.  From the first note sung at my first rehearsal until three years later, I have seen the unity in Christ that permeates from this choir.  My membership is therefore such an honor, as every relationship built within it brings glory to Christ and draws our eyes upward to the cross.  In the Ladies of Lee, I have found a place where I have been disciple and prepared to live my life as a banner for Christ, with the melodies of the pieces we have sung ringing in my ears all the way.”


How has the choir helped you grow?

“This choir has given me confidence in my faith and in my worldview.  My experiences in traveling and learning in class have taught me that this world is not my home, but I am going home to a better place to meet my Savior.  Nothing in this world will satisfy our eternal needs, and only the blood of Jesus can speak for me.  This choir has shown me the power of the body of Christ and the sweetness of abiding fellowship.”


What do you value most in your friendship?

“I highly value authenticity and self-sacrificial love.  I believe that friendships are best formed when they have Christ as the foundation.  From this standpoint, we can have complete freedom to celebrate the ways that God uses each person and be proud of them in this way.  But friendship should also hold us accountable to our faith in God and our places of bitterness and sin.  Relationships under these ideals can surely flourish and bring moments of joy and comfort.”


If you could describe yourself as any movie or TV character, who would it be and why?

“Dr. Temperance Brennen from the TV show ‘Bones.’  I believe she is such a strong and confident woman with great training in her field.  She uses her talents and abilities to help others, yet never sways from the truth.  I long to pattern that behavior in my field and in my faith.”


Congrats on being our Woman of the Week, Allison!  We love you!




Woman of the Week – Faith Kanipe – October 1st 2017


Nominated by Bailey Jones:

“She has done an amazing job filling a leadership role.  Although she wasn’t originally going to be the section leader, she has done a flawless job.  Faith is beautiful inside and out.  She is fiercely independent.  Faith loves Jesus and I’m so glad to call her my friend.  She challenges me to work harder.”


What does being in the Ladies of Lee mean to you?

“Being in Ladies means having the privilege of participating in a community of grace and love unlike any other.  I am surrounded by some of the kindest women, strongest prayer warriors, and fiercest encouragers I’ve ever encountered.  Being a part of the Ladies of Lee has fostered so much growth in so many areas of my life.  God’s love is displayed so well through this community of believers.  I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to walk through life with so many hardworking musicians and wonderful friends.”


What’s one goal you hope you accomplish in your life?

“To fulfill the calling on my life to be a music therapist and display the love and joy of Christ within the special needs community.”


What’s your favorite memory at Lee?

“There are so many incredible memories I’ve made at Lee.  But one of my favorites is going to Buck Bald mountain my very first semester.  It was a such a memorable night.  And, for me, it just stands out as a time when I realized how many amazing things were ahead of me here at Lee.”


What’s your favorite movie and why?

“Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.  I just love classic films, and this is one my sister and I always watch together.”


Congrats on being our Woman of the Week, Faith!  We love you!




Woman of the Week – Audrey Young – September 24th 2017

Audrey Young

Nominated by Brittany Martin:

“She is incredible. I love her so much. But seriously, she is one of the kindest and most caring souls. Ladies means so much to her and she means so much to this choir. She loves people well and should never be overlooked.”


What does being in the Ladies of Lee mean to you?

“To me, being in Ladies of Lee means having a family, a sisterhood, and better friends than I ever imagined having. It means getting to do what I love with people that I love. It means being pushed to be my best musically and spiritually.”


What has been your favorite memory with the choir?

“My favorite memory in the choir is when we did affirmations on the bus the last night of spring tour last year. Words of affirmation is my love language, so I love getting to give and receive love in that way.”


What do you enjoy the most about your leadership position as chaplain?

“My favorite thing about being chaplain is getting to host bible study. I cherish the time that we get to spend together really studying and thinking about scripture.”


What is your favorite kind of animal and why?

“Dolphins are my favorite animals because they are so cute and smart.”


Congrats on being our Woman of the Week, Audrey!  We love you!




Woman of the Week – Cate Boyle – September 17th 2017

Cate Boyle.png

Nominated by DeAnne Sipes:

“Cate selflessly dedicates herself to the members and mission of the Ladies of Lee in everything that she does. She is the living epitome of “going above and beyond” for others and in the various roles she carries. I know this is true for this choir, but it’s also seen in the way she carries herself, in her kindness and joy, and in the way she shares the light of Jesus everywhere she goes.”


What does being in the Ladies of Lee mean to you?

“To me, it’s my home away from home.  I have four sisters already but I’ve gained fifty more.  Fifty sisters that I can make music with, worship with, and live life with.”


What has been your favorite part about being at Lee?

“Can I say Ladies?  Because if I’m being honest, it’s been the biggest blessing I could ever imagine.  My experience at Lee really just wouldn’t be the same without it.”


How do you plan on using the knowledge you have learned from Ladies after you graduate?

“Well I want to be a choir director when I get out of college.  I feel like all of the things I’m learning from (Dr. Rodgers)  and the amazing musicians in the group will help me to excel in ways I wouldn’t have been able to before.”


What is your favorite food and why?

“Definitely sweet potatoes because they’re like a dessert in a meal and what more could you want!”


Congrats on being our Woman of the Week, Cate!  We love you!




Woman of the Week – Linda Vincent – September 10th 2017

Linda Vincent

Nominated by Melanie Vause:

“She has made me and so many other new members feel so welcome, and her position as Mascot is just perfect. She has such a good spirit, and I always know I am sure to be in good company when I’m around her. ”


What does being in the Ladies of Lee mean to you?

“Quality growth.  I am challenged every time I come into the classroom not just as a musician, but as a Christian.  I have seen so much growth in my abilities as a singer and a believer.  I think that they have gone hand in hand.”


What made you decide to join the Ladies of Lee?

“God did.  I was longing to be in a choir and God opened a door to audition for the Ladies of Lee.  I immediately fell in love with the heart of the choir:  To pursue God first and foremost with a community of fellow Christian girls, portraying Christ’s servanthood and compassion.”


What’s something you hope to accomplish before you graduate?

“To become a leader not strong in my own power but through Christ’s power in me.  To not only grow spiritually but to leave an impact on the people around me that will trickle down into future students.  Particularly in the Ladies of Lee so that this ensemble will continue to further glorify God.”


What’s your dream travel destination and why?

“New Zealand, because it is where many of the stories I love came to life.”


Congrats on being our Woman of the Week, Linda!  We love you!




Woman of the Week  – Hannah Shope –  September 3rd 2017

Hannah Shope

Nominated by Kirsten Tatum:

“Hannah has taken on the responsibility of accompanist with grace and selflessness. She works incredibly hard and continues to push herself to strive for excellence every day.”


What does being in the Ladies of Lee mean to you?

Honestly, it’s home. I am an extremely home-oriented person. I would choose home as my favorite place on earth. I need a place to feel comfortable, to be myself, to be vulnerable, and to be challenged and encouraged by those who I love and who love me. And that’s Ladies for me. Home away from home…a group that I can grow with, learn from, and worship alongside.”


Whom do you look up to the most in your life?

My Mom. Cliché, but one hundred percent the truth. Her strength, her confidence in who she is in Christ, her selflessness, her “won’t back down” personality, her most genuine love, her contentment in all situations, and her incredible faith inspire me every day of my life. She is a leader in every sense of the word, and she’s not at all afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is a problem solver, and she will sit with you for hours upon hours just talking through life. She will also hold you when you’re crying, and she knows how to comfort like known other. I am blessed beyond measure to think that she’s my biggest role model, my most compassionate confidante, my mother.”


What has been your favorite part about the Ladies of Lee?

Definitely the friendships I’ve made. I never thought I’d make life-long friends in college…until I joined Ladies. The unity and love that Ladies exudes is beyond anything I could’ve imagined. And that makes singing and worshipping with this choir an extraordinary experience…a “glimpse of heaven” experience.”


What’s one thing you can’t live without?

“Breakfast. I could not live without breakfast. I love it. I love anything “breakfast.” And not just breakfast for breakfast. But breakfast for lunch, dinner, or a snack. It’s one of the things that gets me up in the morning…particularly the “coffee part” of breakfast. Oh, and of course my family. Couldn’t live without them.”


Congrats on being our Woman of the Week, Hannah!  We love you!